Board Meeting Highlights - May 2019 |

Board Meeting Highlights - May 2019

1.  First Nations, Métis, Inuit Director Kameko Ballantyne provided the 2019 FNMI Accountability Report for information.  Highlights of the presentation included an outline of PRSD FNMI demographics (100 self-identified FNMI students), locally developed strategies to meet the TQS standards for FNMI learning, an overview of a newly developed website that provides PRSD teachers with direct access to FNMI resources and teaching curriculum, and an overview of the various student projects and presentations that took place over the past year to promote FNMI culture.  An overview of the activities and initiatives planned for the 2019-2020 school year was also shared.

2.  Bow Island Elementary principal Scott Angle provided a summary of the great learning opportunities taking place at BIE over the past year.  The presentation focused on the school’s One School, One Book project The Dot.  By using the book as a platform, the school was able to focus on the goals of literacy, deeper learning (high quality work with multiple drafts), and parental engagement.  A new initiative at the school is ‘maker space’ to promote deeper learning and working together.  An update on the resurfacing of the school track and greenhouse projects was also shared.

3.  South Alberta Academy program director Darren MacMillan provided an overview of a new academy program starting in Prairie Rose in the fall called the Dave Rozdeba South Alberta Flight Academy program.  The three-year flight academy program is open to Eagle Butte High School students starting in grade 10.  Over the course of three years, students will earn credits in mechanics, robotics/drones, wilderness, tourism, leadership, and recreation while obtaining their private pilot’s license. An overview of the course outline was shared for information.  A parent information meeting is planned for May 22nd at 7 PM at Super T Aviation.